US Customs Brokerage Services


As a licensed US Customs Broker, Delco works on your behalf to ensure that all your imports are in compliance with US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) requirements. 

Our expertise translates into real benefits for our clients across all industries.

As a national permit holder with CBP, we have authority to clear your freight coming into all ports of entry. 

We are a proud member of C-TPAT and we have worked with clients to fulfill the requirements to join C-TPAT. 

We are also a member of the NCBFAA with access to all the resources and national lobbying of the organization. 

Delco is fully qualified in all aspects of the customs process

  • Classification of products being imported from all countries

  • Customs rulings on classifications and tariff changes

  • Valuation of specific line items for proper entry

  • Customs bond requirements

  • Customs examinations

Our organization of the import paperwork allows your entries to consistently be submitted upon ‘wheels up’ for air imports or 5 days before arrival for ocean imports. 

Our clients find that Customs releases are normally received from US Customs prior to arrival at the US port of entry. 

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